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Spot #1 - airing Sept/Oct. '05

If you have Windows Media Player you can right click on the link below to download and watch the first commercial....

30 Sec. Commercial #1- 30 Day System

What the heck is you ask?

Well, as you might imagine just advertising TVCoOp to non-marketers would have little impact since most would have no idea what TVCoOp could do for them, so we needed to do this in multiple steps.

We have developed a free course for opportunity seekers to download which will introduce them to affiliate marketing and TVCoOp as the way to get started, and as the way to participate in the revenue from our television advertising.

The TVCoOp pro member rotator link is the ONLY link they will get in this course.

Get On Board Now And Be On TV In November!

You can still get on board with us for November advertising RIGHT NOW!

CoOp #3 will begin running the first week in November. Positions for CoOp#1 & #2 have been filled and ads are on TV throughout October.

We want to hit the airwaves hard during this prime season so there's time to reinvest in more premium time before the holiday season is upon us when we need to cut back again.

Don't sit back and watch this opportunity pass you by!

Join us now
and your investment will come back to you like you've been dreaming about for years.

The time is now. Let's work together to make the most of it!


Haven't you joined yet?!?!

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