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  Cable TV Advertising Research

Advertising on TV is a huge puzzle with 210 pieces where no two television markets are identical. Currently the top markets - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston - comprise 20% of Total U.S. TV Households. As all markets continue to grow, advertisers need to select as many pieces of the puzzle necessary to convey their strategy.

We have done extensive research on demographics, employment, cable TV penetration and other key info to locate the best markets to start with and the best ways to carry out our overall strategy. We're taking a "scientific" approach to our campaign, starting with small tests and building from there. As our budget increases our potential market expands and traffic flow increases to member sites.

We've posted some of our findings below for your information.

Quick Stats:

  • Top Five Markets In 04/05: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, & Boston (Manchester) – comprise 20% of Total TV Households.
  • Top Twenty-Five Markets comprise practically half of Total TV Households.
  • 199 (95%) out of Total 210 Markets experienced gains v. five years ago. New York (+480,720), Atlanta (+284,730), and Dallas-Ft. Worth (+274,640) demonstrated largest increases.
  • Top Five Markets In 2004: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago & Boston (Manchester) – comprise 21% of Total Wired Cable TV Households.
  • 148 (70%) out of Total 210 Markets experienced gains v. five years ago in Wired Cable TV Households . New York (+875,790), Chicago (+296,130), and Philadelphia (+282,650) demonstrated largest increases.


Download 2004/2005 Official Broadcast Season Summary (PDF)


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