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Protect Your Commissions! We have recently come across a new solution to a problem that has bothered us for some time. It's a little known problem experienced by almost all affiliates, called "Affiliate Commission Theft".

You may not of heard of this, but if you promote any affiliate program, you are almost certainly being affected by it.

Research has shown that this problem can lose an affiliate as much of half their commissions, without them knowing anything about it. The exact size of the loss depends on what type of products are being promoted, but this problem affects all affiliate sales.

The problem arises when your affiliate commission is either "stolen" or "chopped". Some customers insert their own affiliate ID into YOUR affiliate link before buying a product, getting your commission paid into their own account. Other customers will chop off the affiliate link at the end of a URL, so no commission is payable.

Either way, you lose a commission that should rightfully be yours.

But now, we've found a solution to this problem, a new software tool called "Affiliate Diamond". It's quick and easy to use and requires no technical skills.

With just a few button clicks, you can make the product you are promoting appear to have its own page on your web site.

This should increase the number of people clicking on your link (more people will trust a link on your own site) as well as protecting you against lost commissions.

As a TVCoOp member we are offering you this valuable application free of charge. Download yours in your member area and setup your affiliate links in less than 2 minutes!

The Gold Collection:
Includes your own TVCoOp SoftwareToGO! Mini-site. Build your subscriber list and promote TVCoOp by giving away free software.

You'll also learn how to brand your own products, as well as this collection, and capitalize on the huge multi-billion dollar software industry.

  • Child's Play FTP - FTP Made So Easy A Child Could Upload Your Site!
  • Affiliate Diamond - Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Automatically!
  • Download Page Protector - Stop Thieves Stealing Your Software And Ebooks
  • Spambot Guardian - Stop Spammers Grabbing Your Email Address
  • Weblink Checker - Avoid Broken Links Costing You Visitors And Sales
  • Easy Resell Plus - Save Time And Effort In Customizing Ebook Mini Sites
  • Affiliate Customizer - Help Your Affiliates Sell More Of Your Products
  • Form Protector - Protect Your Forms From Hacking Attacks
  • Frame Buster - Stop Other Webmasters Misusing Your Content
  • Mini Site Customizer - Get More People Using Your Ready Made Mini Sites.

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